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:iconatura21: :iconpuffedblospaint: :iconradnsad: :iconantonio132: :icondynamoe: :iconruffcarly: :iconknalljaas: :iconraingrass:
Undertale fandom takes over the earth.

Demand(s) Of The Horrific Fandom:
Everyone makes out with there computer screen with a picture of sans on it. 

Everyone who has a fetish for Toriel is NOT considered a furry.

Toby makes a second undertale featuring more "romantic" scenes, because the community is annoying the hell out of him when he's trying to get work done.

People stop calling them "Undertale Sh:fella:ts" 

Effects (both good and bad):

Toby Fox jumps out of the window because he's fed up with the community, and making that second undertale game reallllllllllllly degraded his reputation.

Sans becomes king of England, after overthrowing the queen(no neutral ending joke about toriel intended). Papyrus gets Scotland because they cook good.

Dan and everyone on his friends list hide in a secret hideout in Kiev, Ukraine with shotguns that got them kicked of the US, after Donald Trump closed off immigration to anyone who was foreign, with guns. :iconyeehawplz:

Dynamoe decided to get back at the Burger King for blowing up McDonalds, which then made Vladmir Putin team with Donald Drumpf to make America great again. Dynamoe decided to call up his roommates, Tom Baker & Raingrass to assist in pressing buttons to nuke America along with the Undertale Fandom. Dan decides to start Crawling In His CRAWWWWWWLLLL but Knalljaas catches him crawling like a bad@$$ and decides to snap him out of it by pieing him in the face and saying "Wake up dummy!" but Dan decided to eat a lemon and jump out the window for no F:fella:CKING REASON.


Im-Dirty-Dan's Profile Picture
The guy who annoys people :3
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
:iconim-dirty-dan: hey BEEYN
:iconim-dirty-dan: BEEYN
:iconim-dirty-dan:hi :meow:

Enemys: :iconscpplz::iconjeffthekillerplz::iconslendermanplz:
Friends: :iconraingrass: :icondynamoe: :iconknalljaas: :iconruffcarly::iconx-man61:
:iconallthethingplz:PUNCH ALL THE TREES (left DA :c)^ (also left DA :c)^
playing :icondynamoe:'s surgeon simulator on boiler get well soon btw :lol:
:icontardisplz: I'VE MADE A ROWDYRUFF TIME LORD!!!!
I will now play games with you guys:iconatnightplz:
:iconflyingdutchmanplz: AAAOOOOOHHHH

i make puff, ruff, minecraft, and other pics.

new to DA,but not THAT new.

I love to play video games with friends, if you want to play a game with me I use steam and sometimes xbox live.
And if you landlubbers' want to play with me, I will be happy to, but if I have things to do, thn it my need to wait.

Games I Play:

Team Fortress 2
Garry's Mod
No More Room In Hell
Left 4 Dead
Left 4 Dead 2
And More!

Ninjago Fan Button by ButtonsMaker <= Because legos are a dank meme. :3
Minecraft Fan Button by ButtonsMaker
Sonic.EXE Fan Button V1.1 by Natakiro
Button - SCP-173 Fan by Mark-Buttons
Button - SCP-096 Fan by Mark-Buttons
Garrys Mod Fan Button by ButtonsMaker
Half Life 2 Fan Button by ButtonsMaker
Team Fortress 2 Fan Button by ButtonsMaker


:iconpisscakeholeplz: I'm gonna carve you a new cake hole! :iconwithsprinklesplz:

i am just someone who wants to enjoy life while it lasts. and the good thing is i am making friends every day though it be on DA or not :):D
My DA family :3
Mom: :iconradnsad:

sister: :iconruffcarly:

older sister: :iconraingrass:

brother: :iconknalljaas:

cousin: :icondynamoe:

puppy: :iconexcitedcarlyplz:

older brother: :iconbenseesplz:

game console: :iconbeemoplz:

Me: :iconim-dirty-dan:

Russian Ancestor: :icontf2heavyplz:

insane cousin: :icontf2pyroplz:

Doctor: :icontf2medicplz:

eiy carumba. eiy friggin carumba. ಠ_ಠ

:iconninthdoctorplz::iconsaysplz:Alright ONE more place. And ONLY one. Choose somewhere you like.

*epic time travel*

:iconninthdoctorplz::iconsaysplz::iconfacepalmplz:Mcdonalds...Really? Not the future, not Edgar Allen Poes death or even Lauren Fausts house! But Mcdonalds. Really?

:iconim-dirty-dan::iconsaysplz:Time traveling makes me hungry...

:iconninthdoctorplz::iconsaysplz: *sigh* Alright... Sure.

:iconim-dirty-dan::iconsaysplz:*epicly leans over on the doctors shoulder*

:iconninthdoctorplz::iconsaysplz: No

:iconspongebobrapefaceplz::iconsaysplz: You like mcdoubles don't you doctor.

My favorite night tv show is Mike Tyson Mysteries :iconadultswimplz:

And remember :iconscpplz: loves u! X3


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